Preface:  Sadie Mae was a bit embarrassed that I was writing about this, so I had to convince her that my being allowed to write about this trouble would help other puppy/owner relationships before she agreed to let me tell her story.  But please, she humbly requests that you keep her anonymity.

Before bringing our beautiful new baby home to stay, I had gone online to do some reading about how to take care of our new little puppy.  Somewhere I had read the advice that I should get her used to brushing her coat and bathing while she was still little, or that it would be very difficult to do these activities when she was a full grown 75 pound dog.  I bought what looked like a good “combing instrument” for the thick undercoat I read about German Shepherds having.  I also bought a mild flea shampoo, hoping that it would not be too rough on her soft puppy skin.  I wanted to pamper my little girl and make sure she knew that she was loved and well cared for.

So it is with some disappointment that I share the following episode with you.  Please keep in mind that I was still naive and had not fully developed my philosophy about our Master/Best Friend relationship yet.  Had this philosophy been developed, what I am going to tell you know would have never taken place because I really make an effort now to try to think on her level, from the perspective that encouragement and letting her know that she is safe with me will develop the strong, loyal and obedient Master/ Best Friend relationship I want between us.

At any rate,  when we brought little Sadie Mae home on the first day, it was apparent that she was a bit scared by all the changes around her.  She stayed on her bed for almost a day and half without moving off of it.   Worried about her, and wanting to let her know that she was going to be taken care of, I even brought the bowl of food and water into her at her bedside so that she would eat someting, or at least drink some water.