Maui remains a firm favorite with visitors from all over the globe. As Hawaii’s second most popular island destination it draws even increasing numbers of tourists (2.5 million) per year at last count – due in part because of the island’s incredible natural beauty. However, Maui has more than just sun, surf and sand to offer visitors. The island also is the perfect destination for foodies. there are food orientated tours and attractions spread across the island – here are some of the best.

Ocean Vodka.

The vodka produced at this sugar cane farm is attracting interest across the globe – in part to its unique distillation process. Ocean Vodka used desalinated fresh ocean water to further strengthen is organic status. Head to Maui’s upcountry region and enjoy a half-hour tour of the operation – including the opportunity to sip on this smooth, island-style tipple.

Go for the Goats.

While in the area of the Vodka production facilities take the opportunity to visit ‘Surfing Goat Dairy’. The visitor is presented with over 30 cheeses to enjoy. There’s no charge when simply visiting – however, there are tours – and they are worth every penny. The pick of the bunch is the ‘2 hours long ‘Grand Dairy Tour, which takes place on Saturdays. The tour also includes tasting the various cheeses that are produced – and the selection is spectacular.

Sample Some Local Wines.

‘MauiWine’ is the perfect destination for those who want to sample some of the island’s fruit of the vine. Visit the tasting room and sample pineapple wines – as well as the more mainstream product that is on offer. Guided tours are free – but there is a charge for the tasting experience.

Experience a Luau like no Other.

Head to the Andaz resort where you will experience a luau buffet that combines traditional and innovation courtesy of the skilled chefs. This is Hawaiin cuisine dialed up a notch. Some of the best seafood on the island is on offer – and tastes like the ‘black pepper Kauai prawns’ and the ‘Pulehu style’ ribeye steak should be savored – and the oceanfront setting does get the appetite going.

Maui boasts settings that will delight even the most demanding of foodies. Combine the jawdropping beauty of the island with superb food and refreshments and you have the perfect recipe for delight.